How Do to get an MMJ Recommendation

So you ask, how do I get a MMJ Recommendation?

Your recommendation will then be signed by the physician stating that you have been evaluated and approved in our clinic for a medical condition.

With this recommendation you will be permitted to grow, purchase and transport medical marijuana in quantities pursuant to California legal guidelines. (An outline of these and other guidelines will be given to you before you leave)

We will also include your approval in our secure encrypted patient verification data base (SafeAccessMD) which can be accessed 24/7/365 via phone or internet by authorities wishing to verify your legal status.

The process is simple

  • Step-1 — Walk in or call for an appointment to arrange a convenient time for you to see one of our knowledgeable physicians.
  • Step-2 — You will fill out a few simple forms describing your medical complaint, and answer a few questions. One of our expert physicians will conduct a medical evaluation to assess your medical condition.
  • Step-3 — Once the Doctor has spoken with you and evaluated your complaint (and you are approved) the Doctor will hand write a detailed evaluation for inclusion in your medical records.

What Do I Bring?

A valid driver’s license, CA photo ID, passport, or other valid form of identification, show proof you live in California. This can be rental/lease Agreement, utility bill, phone bill, Car registration etc. This document Must have your name and address.

Have access to a list of medications you are taking, including dosages and directions. Any reports or diagnosis from your primary care physician if you have one.

Over the past twenty years, people in the state of California have grown more and more comfortable with the idea of marijuana being used as medicine. Today, clinics and dispensaries across the state provide patients with an easily accessible and legal way to obtain their medicine. Here at Green Cross Evaluations, we want to make it even easier for you by offering some of the most affordable medical marijuana evaluations in San Diego, CA. We will serve you with an understanding outlook on your health needs.

Bringing yourself to consider trying medical marijuana out may not be an easy thing to do, especially if you are used to conventional prescription medication. If you identify with those who are unsure about the benefits of medical marijuana, call us or come talk to us and we will answer any questions that you may have. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the health benefits and various uses of cannabis. We can also educate you on the many variations in strength and delivery systems if you so choose.

Making sure that people are educated about the facts of medical marijuana has always been a top priority to us. Some dispensaries and clinics give biased information in order to make more sales, but here at Green Cross Evaluations we are dedicated to your health. We will give you all the knowledge you need in order to incorporate medical marijuana use into a healthy lifestyle. All you need to bring is your state I.D. and your medical records. If you bring someone in you get a free wallet card, so visit us today!